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Newbie car class question....


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It will be a WHILE before I have to worry about actually purchasing a race car. But what would a quality, used, 1st gen RX7 already race prepped cost? $3000-6000 ?


You should definitely be able to get a quality SCCA or NASA prepped RX-7 for that kind of money. Ask if it includes a transponder, since that's about $300 for the hardwired version.


By the way, that blue and white RX7 on your webpage is sweeet!


Thanks, we've been really happy with it. I finally got a few pictures of our second RX-7 up on the site, too. http://www.nutdriver.org/RX7_91.shtml.


Whats your estimate of cost to run the car for a season..tires, gas, fees, brakes, lodging, food, etc.? $3000? ... How many races are a "season" and where are the tracks?


To be honest, we're just getting started, so I can't give you firm numbers. For us, a season will most likely run four to six races. For lodging, we'll camp more often than not. We're not running at the front, and don't expect to, as we're still learning.


A set of Hoosiers runs about $650 and lasts us most or all of a season. The second RX-7 has Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires, but we haven't run it yet so we're not sure what sort of duration we'll see from them.


We're getting around 10 mpg on the track using pump grade 87 octane. We use cheap two-stroke oil to premix, since the metering pump has been removed from the cars. Shell Rotella-T oil is pretty cheap and we change it every event or three (five quarts each time), depending on how dirty it's gotten. PH2849 type oil filters run maybe $7. Spark plugs last a season. Hawk Blues run about $125 for fronts and $110 for rears. The rears last a season or more, and the fronts last about three events at the tracks we run. We use ATE Blue brake fluid. Bleed before every event and during some. Replace it about every season. HPGC-1 fuel filter cartridges run $7-10 and get replaced every season or two or if we have fuel delivery trouble (hasn't happened yet).


Entry fees for an event usually run around $250 to $350 including the practice day on Friday, if one is offered. Hauling to an event can get expensive, since we only get 10-13 mpg while towing, and we're running two separate single-car tows. Food and can be cheap if you take it with you.


SCCA and NASA rules will require you to replace harnesses every two years. That's maybe $100 a pop.


By the way Lefty..when people find out your nickname is "lefty", do they look down to see if your right hand is missing?


No, they usually just look puzzled. At least until I give them the business card and they see the "Left Nut" job title.

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Hey Cap.Who i ran my first HPDE at CMP with the SCMC that same weekend. I am the nut that drives the white pickup truck.


I remember you. I was in a black '99 Mustang GT and my brother was in a yellow Focus. I'll have to see if I got any photos of you on track from the 2003 event. We didn't make the 2004 event, as we were corner working at Road Atlanta for a SARRC/ECR/ProIT event.


I am still running my truck so I am easy to spot.


We'll keep our eyes open. We're off the track at the moment for financial reasons, but hope to be back soon. We just got our Novice licenses at the February school at Roebling.

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I just quickly read thru the posts on this thread, and here is my 2 cents.

Road Atlanta as your first track: No big deal, you will be in HPDE 1, and you only go as ard as you want to. NASA instructors ar great, and they won't put you into harms way. Just be prepared for sensory overload. Make sure your car is %100 ready for the track, you will have enough to do without having to make last minute changes to your car. As questions, don't worry about sounding stupid. We have all been there. Most importantly, have fun.


Racing: Don't start racing until you can afford to do it. I've seen too many folks start, but never really enjoy it because of budget reasons. Once you have a car/trailer/tow vehicle you have only touched on the costs of racing. In another forum, we had a survey of how much we spend on a race weekend. The average was over $1500. That includes tires, gas(car and towing), food, hotel or camping, car mainenance, parts, etc.... Also, we all blow a motor, wreck, and/or have bad lick every now and then. There's nothing like an unexpected $4000 expense mid season. I hold myself to this rule: Don't take anything to the track that I can't afford to replace!

HPDE is a great place to play. If for any reason I had to stop racing, I would still do HPDEs. Any track time is time well spent!


1st gen RX7: I'm a huge fan of the RX7 as a first racecar. Engines last for ever, they are fun to drive and very dependable. Not the fastest car on the track, but a great first time racecar. Too many guys start out racing with too much car. Most of these guys never fully develope their driving skills and ability. My first racecar was a 280z. After 2 seasons in it, I drove the car just as well as anyone else could. I reached the limits of the car. I tweeked and tuned every last tenth out of the car. And I drove it to it's limits. I sold the car for more than I paid for it and then moved on to a better car. When guys start out in top notch cars, their lack of driving skills keeps them from pushing the car to the limits.


My advice would be to get a race prepped RX7 and use it for your HPDEs. Put a muffler on it and a passenger seat and have fun.

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