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65 Mustang build


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Rizzolo, I'd like to see pictures of your 65 coupe build-if you have any. Are you in CA?

I'm in the middle of a 66 coupe restoration, replacing lots of rusted out sheetmetal in the car. I have a couple other Mustangs and have still not decided if my AI car will be an early (65-66) or late Mustang. I have a 65 hardtop chillin' in a barn here in VA with me plus a pr of Cobras. I plan to be in SoCal by the end of the summer.

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Yeah, i'm in the SF Bay Area. Can you make it up here? As far as pictures - i keep saying i am going to take some, but have been so focused on the punch list of stuff to do that the pictures don't seem to happen. i will take a few shots of stuff that might interest you and try to get them to you.


i can tell you for sure that i have learned a lot of things i would do differently, but i don't know that i'll ever get a chance for that. i just fired it up after new motor install and it did not blow up. Really relieved! it is even pretty fast. i'm excited. i still have a lot of stuff to do, including installing the roll bar and Kirkey seat. i should have seen all that coming when i did the interior a couple of years ago. now i have a nice new interior and don't want to weld in a cage, so i am going with a bolt-in cage. the problem started with the fact that my car didn't come with shoulder belts. also, the seats suck for corners! in order to upgrade the seatbelts requires a roll bar, which really means a whole cage, since it is hard to buy a roll bar that is DOM. you have to go with the cage. i also wanted upgrade the seat. of course, i also needed the harness.


my wife has put me on a car time allowance, so my deadlines have shifted a little. funny thing - the punchlist doesn't look any shorter even though i have done a ton of stuff to it. i keep saying this year it will be ready. Maybe this fall.


i will try to take some pictures of the good stuff. what do you want to see?


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I know what you mean about that punch list. I have the 66 coupe that I'm trying to finish restoring to sell, a stock Mystic Cobra that I'm trying to sell, and modified (bolt-on) Mystic Cobra that I'm keeping and driving daily. Then Ford goes and announces a new Mystichrome Cobra and this 05 and I just don't know what to do. Not to mention, my plans to build a Factory Five Replica Cobra and a dedicated track car.

Yes, I'm driving the wife nuts.

I spent the day Saturday in the garage of the Richmond Winston Cup race and my priorities have shifted hard towards finishing up my projects and going RACING! What a weekend!

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hey Mystic Cobra,

work's been busy. i am back. i started to take pictures the other day, but didn't get to it. i promise that i will. now would be a good time. i am putting in the roll cage and it is always fun to see change. i guess i should have take a picture of the nice pristeen interior before i tore it up AGAIN! i am real happy with the Autopower cage - fits really well. can't weld it right away, but will be glad to be able to put in the Kirkey seat.


i have been hassling with trying to get an air cleaner to fit under the hood, and whether to go with a cowl hood. i decided to go with the new hood. what is a another $400? i have to custom bend a monte carlo bar to fit with the Ram Air box. i think that is almost the last underhood thing. just need to mount the catch tank.


i will try to take pictures this next weekend.

i will look for your also.


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