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H4 Car Questions


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I am looking at building a car for H4. I have a 1995 CX hatchback chassis and D16Z6. Even though the chassis is not the same code it is an identical chassis. What are the requirements to convert this since all of the things that make the difference between the SI and CX are removable? I did try searching but didn't really pull anything up.



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did you read the Honda Challenge rules? the chassis swap is covered in the rules book.


basically, swap over everything from the powertrain & suspension.


engine, tranny, rear brakes/trailing arms


you can leave the front brakes/knuckles alone or swap them out. the cx/dx brakes use the D273 pad. the better knuckle uses d617 pad which is larger. more importantly, it also uses a bigger front bearing & brake rotor. the Si was available with both ....

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