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Az PIR March 3-4- ONLY 7 Race Entries Still Available


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GUYS ONLY 7 Race entries left before the Race group is SOLD OUT.

Registration link is up for March 3,4. It will be a shared event with the BMW club.


The race group field will be limited to 1 group so sign up early to make sure you have your spot. - We do get 2 practice sessions per day however!


PARKING... Same area as last Month. North Paddock between vendors and the Fence. Please park open trailes in the dirt area in the infield wall near turn 3, just like last time All 944's both spec racers and spec DE or spec prospects are welcome. PS.. 944 cup guys are also welcome too.

NOTE... there will be also about 5-6 944 Turbo guys doing DE from Rennlist. I have offered them space in our area so watch out for them. They just may become our future race partners.






A friday test/tune day is also available.


All DE groups will be offered as well




1. Joe Paluch #94 - Truck & Open trailer

2. Hal Dunn - #51 - RV & Open Trailer

3. Jon Ariano - #76 - Truck & Open Trailer

4. Kent Buckley #11 - Truck & Open Trailer

5. Glenn Gormley - Truck & Enclosed Trailer

6. Norm Hamden #99 - Truck & Open trailer

7. Vince Vaccaro #10 - Truck & Open trailer

8. Darren Griffith - #7 - truck & open trailer

9. Dave Hauck #08 - truck & open trailer

10. Rick Morris #49 - truck & trailer


HPDE - Spec cars

1. JD Hoyt #17 - 40ft MH & Enclosed Trailer

2. Kim Unger

3. Steve Marlow - #74 - Truck & Open Trailer

4. Larry Leaming - Red - Saturday Only



HPDE - 944 Turbo Guys from Rennlist (street cars - no trailers)

1. Kevin P. (gotmeaporsha) black 87 944 turbo

2. Kevin K. (epic 1211) Grey 89 944 Turbo.

3. Steve V. (AZ Steveo),

4. Stew

5. Bob

6. Jermey Himsel... Silver Z06 - Spec car build in progress..

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You can count the tire guy in


as the time gets closer get your orders in so they are there for you at the track......


Also the Cal-Speedway event reserve your set at the same time..



See ya at the track,

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I am signed up for race group. Hope to be there Friday w/motorhome.



Made it to the big show!


Should be a blast!


BTW... BEFORE you guys need tires contact Bryan. He will set you up.


I ALWAYS like to have two sets of race ready tires just incase. I have never had a Toyo pick up a puncture, but have killed many a set trying to squeeze out that last heat cycle. So having two sets always keeps me ready.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bryan Posted this on Club Racing Az Forums


Hey guys,


I have unfortunate news for 944's needing tires that have not already put their tire orders in yet.


The 225/50r15 is on nation wide back order from toyo as of 2 days ago! There are no extras for this weekend.. I do have just over 40 tires coming next week from their wharehouse back east for now, but unfortunatley I could not afford the $1400.00 in freight to get them here in time for this event....


For the guys that got their orders in for this event your tires will be there!!!!!


If anyone has any half used tires in their garages that are just sitting there this might be a good weekend to get rid of them!!!


Sorry for the bad news guys,


Bryan Shackelford

Toyo's Only

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