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Fee Schedule and general costs.


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I have searched the website and the forums and can't seem to find a fee or cost schedule.


Can someone clue me into where I can find that link or give me a little quick background on fee's in general.


I am in Iowa and would probably be interested in first in the TT series.

To become active can someone tell me what the cost of the typical HPDE is, and then what the registration fee's would be for each event day?


I just paid my $40 membership fee and then I would need to pay a $10 license application fee but I have no idea what my other non-car related costs could be over a full season.


Thanks so much in advance for the help and insights. -- Eric (2000 miata).

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Different tracks charge different amounts for rental/services. Some tracks are more popular than others and they sell out quickly. factors like those make all the event entry fees vary by time of year/location/etc ...


Your best bet is to check the website for your local region and see if they have any events open for registration. You can also simply look at http://www.nasaproracing.com and check the EVENT REGISTRATION page. Click on the event you are interested in (again, assuming it's open for Reg) and check out the fees.


Have fun!

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You'll belong to one of the "Daves". Which region did you select when you joined? Midwest (Dave Royce) or Rocky Mountain (Dave Balingit)?


Most NASA weekends at the track near you (Hastings & MAM) are going to be in the $250 - $299 range. Single day rates will be approx 1/2 of that.



Welcome to the family! Feel free to contact either one of us directly




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Dave, thanks so much for the reply. When I registered I believe I chose "Midwest region". I'll drop the other Dave an email and hope to meet both of you at one or more events this season.

Best regards, -- Eric

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