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E46 M3 H&R coil over's.

Rene M

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So when my street type R got stolen i bought an E36 M3.

The set up was all stock and soft so i went out looking for a good set up. Not able to afford the Turner Motorspot set up i was talking to a guy i road race with who was tradding in his M3 and was going to put it back stock be fore the handed it over. We made an agreement on his very nice HR set up threadded body front coil overs, rear hr shocks ,springs,adjustable perches etc very nice with less than 6k on them. I never asked if they were E36 or E46 .

So i pick the stuff up and it is all in very nice shape just a bit of dust and thats when it hits me its for an E46 and i cant use any of it.......



H&R PCS Coil Over, BMW M3 E46


2001 - 2006 BMW, M3, E46




front 1.0 - 1.9/rear 0.75 - 1.5




Coil over suspension is the ultimate expression of high-performance handling, and now H&R Special Springs takes this technology to the next level with its new PCS Coil Overs. Like H&R%u2019s original Coil-Overs, PCS Coil-Overs are engineered for street use, but have a number of new features designed for the enthusiast who desires a manual shock dampening feature. In addition to state-of-the-art inverted damper technology and adjustable ride height, PCS Coil Overs feature an external adjustment knob that allows the user to simultaneously adjust rebound and compression. Nose-diving under hard breaking is virtually eliminated, which effectively reduces braking distance. And unlike traditional twin-tube shock absorbers, H&R%u2019s mono-tube gas shock absorbers eliminate foaming of the damper oil, even under extreme conditions.


Any way i have a real nice set for an E46....lol any one in the market? lol

Sorry for the shameless plug..




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