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Roll Cages, Fabrication, Machining


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I am located near West Bend, WI. I do part time work doing machining and fabrication. I can do roll cages, sheet metal fabrication, manual machining, etc. I am a mechanic/shop owner by day. Looking at starting this as another business.


Please email me with any inquiries.


[email protected]


Feel free to check out my web site.. although not finished but many pictures of my work.





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Nice stuff !


Too far for me to go for chassis/sheetmetal fabrication, but how about a tool to bevel the cut outs in sheet metal bracing for roll cages? The proper term for this tool is escaping me right now.



This door panel looks sweet.



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I think the tool he used was nothing more than a cut off wheel and some molding to clean up the look.


I disagree. A whizzer is the wrong tool to cut aluminum sheeting, you need a sheer/brake for that. Also notice the bead work in the panel. That is a nice touch.


The solution for this door panel was simple, but clean and effective.


I still would like to either find a source for a brace dimpling tool or have a couple fabricated. All the really nice cages using sheet metal bracing have dimpled holes in the braces. It looks really cool.

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Probably a good idea to post this on the Midwest site.

Looks like its posted in the NASA Forums "For Sale: Parts" forum to me.


Besides, I am in the DC Metro area and I am looking for a dimple die that I can source from anywhere in the world. Why wouldnt a Mid-West resident not want to trade with someone from another part of the country?


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