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944-SPEC car FIRE SALE!!!!


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Price reduced drastically! Developed a little problem this weekend at BW with VARA--the car was screaming all Saturday and then Sunday developed a wildly-fluctuating temperature gauge and eventual overheating which made me back off and pit. I figure Stuck Stat, Oil Cooler Kit, or Head Gasket. Your choice. I am in total shock this basically junk-yard motor has lasted as long as it has with no issues. This has been FAR AND AWAY the most dependable, cheapest, efficient, low maintenance, effortless, relaxing, stress-free car I have ever raced but it just HAS TO GO!!! I have other rides and I don't have room to bring this one in for repairs. Therefore, I am offering this car for $6500 as is. It starts, runs, drives... but I wouldn't recommend tracking it unless you want to put a hole in something.




Did I mention this car has won the GSR class in POC's Short Track Series at Willow Springs for the LAST FOUR CONSECUTIVE EVENTS?!?!?!


[email protected]



It has all the standard 944-spec bits. A full list and pix available on request.



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