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LSD Question

Chuck T.

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Please keep the recent rule change out of this thread.


I am shopping for a LSD for my Spec car. What type seems to work the best (stock, after market) how about bang for the buck.


I saw in the past posts PD had talked about a "Phantom Grip" I have talked to one enduro racer who swears by it (924S with some engine mods).


Whats a "good" price for a newly rebuilt tranny with a short 5th and LSD?


And last question anyone have any LSD parts for sale ?




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Don't buy the Phantom grip. It's a poor excuse for an LSD. It's cheap, really cheap in comparison. But as you learn, you will realize that you may as well have just wiped your butt with the $300 you spent on the unit. It's literally the size of a credit card and about 1/2 an inch thick. How would that compare to the factory or Guards units?

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I don't know about 944's, but on other cars, the Phantom Grip has been known to tear up the inside of your tranny. Most people don't have a good opinion of them.

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