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Az 944-spec results page


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The Results for the Az 944 spec races and season points are shown on this link.




The "autosport" site as it is know will be the home for all NASA Az results. I will also put these results for 944 spec only on the 944spec.org home page as in the past. I will also put in for toyo bucks next week.


Note also Az 944 spec will adopt the Arizona region Points system. It is different from the system used in the past in that is maintains a 5 point seperation down to 18 place vs just 6th place.


This is from Ralph...


For 2007, Points for our series are awarded as follows:

1st Place == 100 Points, 2nd=90, 3rd=85, 4th=80, 5th=75, 6th=70, 7th=65, 8th=60, 9th=55, 10=50, .... down to a minimum of 10 points for 18th and lower. Points are awarded for all finishes running half the lapcount of the race winner minus 1. Since exiting to the pit does not credit you for an almost-completed lap, you will receive credit for that lap. (i.e. if you go 12 laps and the leader completed 25, you will get credit for half the race at all tracks in Arizona.


This point schedule has been developed to address some issues particular to our Arizona region and varies from the NASA National points schedules as allowed by the CC&Rs.

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