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Register for VIR - 944 Cup /Rd 1

944 cup

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This event is filling up fast, but there's still time to get in.


To register for this Feb 24-25 event, go to:



There is also a comp school on the 23rd. Get your licnese on Friday and race with us Saturday and Sunday. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in the school.


Below is a preliminary entry list of 944 Challenge cars:


Cup Class

Todd Daubert

Joseph Hrymack

John Mock

Steven Lewis

Steve Randolph

Todd Smith

Don Ruschman

Evan Brumm

Christopher Derecola

David Derecola

Jeff Solinger

Big Joe B.

Glen Evans

Mike Routt

Robert Srery

Bill Howlett

17. Dan Diehl

18. Bobbie Elam

19. William Repass

20. Brant Giere

21. Ross Miller

22. Ryoji Sumida

23. Jack Higginbotham

24. Brandon Sick

25. Charles Mason

26. Jeremy Jadczak



Super Cup

1-Steven Miller

2-Greg Adelman

3-Carl Beisel

4-Mike Buck

5-Karl Troy

6-Sloan Palitti

7-Noel Hall

8- Matt Jensen


Entries as of 2/10


Hope to see ya there.

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