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Hey folks,

I have been a driver with a national license in SCCA for several years but I am curious about the differences and advantages of NASA. I have raced in the IT7 and Spec Racer Ford classes but I would like to get a Spec Miata. Is there much difference between what is allowed and are the turnouts as large etc. I haven't been racing as much as I would like and would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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I have been racing SCCA for 2 years now. In our region we typically get about 30-40 cars entered in SM and about the same for SSM.


I have just started racing NASA at the end of last year. In our region for NASA the car counts are a bit lower but that will probably change a bit this year.


The competition is greater with SCCA, but again, that is going to change this year as well (due to conversations with a few people that I have spoken with switching to NASA.


I will continue to race both as each has its benefits and I just want to race as much as possible. The cars switch over from SCCA to NASA easily (I only had to make a minor change to my roll cage).


Good luck and we'll see you out at VIR if you decide to race NASA.



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