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2004 Honda Challenge TV Coverage


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August 20-22, 2004 there was an Honda Challenge race at MidOhio, where the east coast, west coast, and midwest HC series all got together for the first time. It was sponsored by GSport, a division of Mr. Gasket.


Those who were there would remember that there was video coverage of the event, which was produced by Effect Industries. Thanks to those of you who contributed your personal in-car tapes, or agreed to run one of our cameras in your car.


A rough-cut, unfinished 23 minute TV spot was put together, but it was never put to use. It features pre-race interviews, practice and qualifying footage, and race coverage. Yes, it includes video evidence of the controversial events of that race. Yay.


Well late is better than never, and after digging it up and watching it recently, we would like to share it. I hope you enjoy the cheesy, MXC-style commentary!


It's up on Google Video here:




Sorry the quality is a little bit poor, i'll work on getting a better version up, but if anyone would like the DVD, PM me.




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