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Late Fuel Tank in an Early 944


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The previous owner of my early '85 944 told me he never filled the gas tank up because of gas smells. According the Ian at 944Online, the early metal tanks have a tendency to crack on the top side(http://www.944online.com/cgi-bin/forum/forum.cgi?board=944-1;action=display;num=1161842991). I am going to pull the transaxle in pretty soon, so I thought I would pull the gas tank and inspect it.


My question is what are my options? Ian charges a bunch of money for a "built" gas tank. I was wondering if the plastic tanks from the later model 944's would fit. Could anyone give me some advice or first hand experience in either repairing or replacing their fuel tank?





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The short answer is I can ship you one of my spare early 17.4 gallon steel gas tanks.

The long answer?

Well, .......The late cars have a 21.1 gallon plastic tank and it's held up/in by the bolt in crossmember. Gotta drop the crossmember to get it out. The early tanks have to be slid out because the cross member is welded in.

Lates have 2 diagonal straps, early have 2 longitudinal straps in different locations from the lates.

Another point is that the early and late fuel gauges read different levels of resistance.

Sohhhhhh......... you can't stick a late tank in an early car unless you change the strap location pick up points, cut the crossmember out, then make it a bolt in, tap the longitudinals, match the resistance signal from the new sender to the old gauge......

If it's not the tank, you could have a leak at one of the hose fittings under the black cover in the rear area of your car, one of the check valves could be bad, or your small tank under the sheet metal cover in the "C" pillar could be bad.

So how much is a used gas tank worth to you? (if you can't find a rust free one closer to you.)

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