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HPDE 2 with 2 cars


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Ok so I went to Willow Springs on February 10-11 and had a blast. I signed up for Cal Speedway in March. I'm trying to work out all the bugs in a race car thats been parked for a year and a half.


I have only registered myself for the event. My question is that if I get the car done and bring it to the track can i tech it for HPDE 2?


If I can I don't want to learn a new track and a new car at the same time. Can I also tech my street car and run that for the first session then switch over to the race car for the rest of the day?


I'm just worried that something that I don't know about will break on the race car and I won't have another car teched for the rest of the day. Sorry for the rant. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

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Take your street car, that you know will pass tech, and learn a new track. Seat time is one of the most important mods one can do to a car or self.


Talk to the director and/or the tech folks when there about your racecar. Usually if it is a racecar, it is teched as such.

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Darkside, usually it's one car per person. At Cal Speedway it's an enormous event, a very dangerous, demanding track and since you are starting out, you will limit your learning with 2 cars of such radically different capabilities. I personally do not see a problem with one of my instructors jumping from car to car, but this is a potential confusalator for someone just getting to know a new track and a new car.


My suggestion follows 99HOSS', get to know one car at a time and debug the racecar as a separate effort after you get to know any one track. That way you aren't mixing learning how to drive one car and learn a new course with the skills needed to feel out another car. If it's just the mechanical reliability of the racecar that needs sorting, it will probably result in wrenching in between sessions which also takes you out of the focus needed to learn the HPDE lessons.


You will be a better driver and be able to see what's wrong with your car quicker if you have the benefit of better driving skills.

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