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Data logging with HPDE3 at CalSpeedway


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We initiated some incredible GPS based data logging at the 2007 NASA event at Willow last weekend. I would like to select some candidates for analysis and comparison prior to our sessions at Fontana next month.


This feedback is unbelievably accurate and we are just starting to develop these techniques in preparation for an advanced racer program.


If you would like to be considered for this program and are already entered for the event March 16/17, please respond with your name, car type/preparation level and a detailed history of your HPDE/school experience. It would also be helpful if you could honestly assess where your weaknesses are and what skills you would like to develop at this event. We are not just interested in the hotshoes, but also some inexperienced participants who really want to improve. We will provide the instrumentation set, but may make it available to those who wish to purchase the system.


We know the event is sold out and apologize in advance to those who weren't able to register. Those who made it are in for a huge bonus.


We will select the 4-5 participants and work with them prior to the event and intensively during the weekend. All SoCal HPDE3 participants will benefit from the experience.

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PS right now we're hooked up with the developer of the system to check out its performance and learn how to interpret the data quickly and precisely enough to be of benefit with the participants in any advanced HPDE group.


I anticipate that I can extend this process to HPDE4/TT as well, but it requires pretty advanced tech skills and the overhead to manage getting the data and then deciphering it, then presenting it in the download sessions, no small task. We found that there wasn't enough time to conduct download sessions for the general participants and also give individual interpretations in near realtime. However, by selecting two drivers' data sets and then overlaying the drivers' runs we can gain incredibly detailed info on line, approach to corner/turnin, g forces developed, turn radius and entry/exit speed and then by running the data in replay mode actually see the amount of track-made-good where the best techniques/driver "pulls ahead" of the other even thought they weren't on the track at the same time!


You will be among the first to use this system as we gain more experience in its use and streamline the process.


Ryan and I are developing an Advanced Driver Class that will allow a small group of drivers to gain not only race-level coaching but also data logging focused on your individual performance. Just like the pros in F1 and ALMS/SpeedChallenge/GrandAm . . .


Stay tuned!

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Craig and Cindy, please resend PM as I didn't receive yours. Mike C. correct guess on the author. Great resume and terrific self-assessment.


Please keep the requests coming via PM people as this helps us figure out the level of interest and those that really want to move up the HPDE food chain.

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Mr PS, I visited your blog and saw the Willow session track map and speed readout. What logger are you using? Was unable to see the results of your air pressure/splitter data. This kind of info with pressures vs. speed is exactly the kind of advanced data logging we are striving to develop after we streamline and intergrate the Gforce/turnin/in-outspeed, accel/brakepoint and track-made-good data within the classroom.


Tuning aero is much more advanced and of less general need for good driving development at the HPDE level, but definately something we want to explore with the advanced classes. I would like to develop a downforce plot against Gforce generated v. specific corner map to "tune" splitter/wing setups by track in the future. This could be of serious value to a racing team that wants to get the benefit of free aero tenths and tune for each track.


Please let me know what sensors you were using to get your data and whether you were able to get the pitot tube stuff up.




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I, for one, hope that you'll share the gathered info with the rest of us in the open track world.


I probably won't be able to afford such a luxory just yet, but it could happen. And I'm sure there are many others who don't have have enough toys that would want something like this.


Some of the race teams that I've crewed for have sophisticated data logging systems to one extreeme or another and I've always been facinated by the data that is possible to be acquired from our cars.

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99HOSS, I will be happy to share the data with our NASA community. The majority of my HPDE3 groups in SoCal already see the benefit of the "normal" lessons such as "The slip angle versus traction discusssions, where you are on the curve, exit speed not entrance speed, moving braking points to increase track-made-good, don't be a G-force junkie, unwinding at exit, importance of linkage, precision, smooth is fast, eggs on the pedals, balance of the car, corner weights, rotation, FWD/RWD lines, light touch on the wheel, playing well with others, and general "confess 'cause it's good for your soul and others" approaches.


How to present the technical info to our general community is a concern when it is so specific to a driver and his/her particular approach to a corner in a session on a track on a single day but heck if it can be done succintly, I'm up for it!


It takes years (or at least many track days in succession for each specific track) to get the overall approaches honed and the data logging approach is sooo instantaneous, it's an amazingly accurate and flexible tool in the right hands. However, like any info, it's open to interpretation and requires that the driver keep an open mind and communicate well about what is really going on ontrack or in the corner. We are integrating video soon and then it will be SUPER powerful!


Thanks for your interest and we'll keep you posted.

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I hardly check this forum...hence the late reply.


My pitot tube is already working. Simple device to use. I am running two DAQ systems. One available in the market and the other I integrated/programmed myself.


I will be at Cal Speedy running TT driving the same car. Can't miss it. It's very rare to find a blue E46 with tons of geeky gadgets. lol.

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PS, thanks for the response. Who makes the pitot tube? And do you have a strain guage that we can get an output from to measure downforce? I want to instrument airflow vs. downforce or just plot downforce vs. G in each corner. Then . . . heh , heh, you get the drill.


MD out

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