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WTB: MM Front & rear Bilstein coilovers, Bilstein shock


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Here’s what I’ve got:

’95 Mustang Cobra w/ ’03 Cobra front Bilstein struts


This is what I need:

Maximum Motorsports front coilover kit for Bilstein struts COP-1

Maximum Motorsports rear coilover kit for Bilstein shocks COP-3

Bilstein rear shocks MB-6418-S1

(part numbers from MM website)


Let me know what you have, daniel (at) classiccoachsc (dot) com





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i've got mm race prepped stuff from 2003 cobra with irs.



koni coilovers (race)

caster camber plates

modified strut tower brace made for kenne bell blower

400# to 800# springs

original and offset camber a-arms

other set upper and or lower a-arms

also have mid-range shocks koni

10th anniversary rims

billet tie rod ends

cobra front brakes

accusump (large)


large HPM aluminum rear wing w/ struts

large eibach front and rear sway bars. good for mid range shocks

* by the way i've also got an aluminum block (refreshed) with sean hyland stang 1 heads (32 valve and mild cam) checked over. with either stock blower or kenne-bell 2.4 liter. stock makes about 530 to rear and with kenne-bell the skys the limit (motor built for 800hp at the crank).all disessembled for inspection.

probably have more but can't remember all. don't know if this is what your looking for. have roughly 6 to 12 hpde events on other above stuff.

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Thanks for the reply. I think I may have been on track with you at Road Atlanta last season with NASA-SE?? Anyway, I think I'm going to stick with the Bilstein route since I already have the Bilstein struts up front and I also have a solid rear axle. Alot of the rest of the stuff I'd like to have, but I've got to get coilovers first and I'm working with a tight budget.


Thanks again!


Anyone else have anything??

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