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req for modded wheel studs?


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Is there any requirement on wheel stud length if modified from OE (along with axles, brakes and wheels)? I think NHRA has something about protruding a certain length beyond lug nut. I'm not even sure what that would accomplish.

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I have not seen any length requirement/guideline that is specified other than good engineering and fabrication. Proper stud splining/fitment and insertion along with material and torque are the basic safety requirements.


Most axle studs are engineered for that usage and would work without much drama. However, I've broken them off while racing and had my HPDE students come in after sessions with stock and modded studs sheared clean off. We always bring extras and replace them during the season. It's part of safe maintainance.

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I cannot find any stud length specified in the CCR. However, I know that in NorCal, the Chief Tech inspector was checking for stud/nut length when we went there in 8-05 for a TT competition. I think that he was requiring a minimum of 7 turns of thread to be engaged between the stud and lug nut. I have no idea where he got this from. I've also heard of other organizations that require that all threads on the lug nut must be engaged onto the stud. I haven't checked all of the race rules to see if any of them have a requirement, but either way, those two standards seem to be a fairly safe way to go.

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