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00" Civic Si wheels 15x6 4x100 Hankook Z211 4 heat cycl


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00" Civic Si wheels 15x6" 4x100 Hankook Z211 rubber (4 heat cycles)

I don't remember the offset.


Very strong wheel for racing


Wheels are in great condition. I can email pictures as of now but will try to post some up here tonight.


205/50/15 - Hankook Z211 Med compound Rubber (4 heat cycles) is in good condition with around 6 heat cycles on them. I baught them used with around 2/32 rubber showing on all treadbars. Should last atleast 4 HPDE days I'm guessing.


Tires are currently mounted on wheels.


I'm looking to get $400 pluss shipping


I'm in Iowa at 50014 if you would like to check shipping.


Email me for pictures at [email protected]

berny2435 on AOL AIM




**looking for wider rims - 15x7.5 or 15x8 4x100 36 to 45 offset would be fine. 16x7-8" would work too but need to be real light.

** need 16" Falken Azenis RT615 tires

** trade your used Falkens for my hankooks - 15 or 16

** front strut bar

** ITR sway bars

** Racing Steering wheel setup.. .

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FS 99'/00' Civic Si rims w/Hankook Z211 m compound - $400

Near Mint Civic rims - 15x6.5"

Good condition 205/50/15 Hankook Ventus Z211 med. compound tires.


Getting rid of these VERY cheap for quick sale!


about 2/32s left on the tires

plenty of meat left for some great track time










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I couldn't remember how many heat cycles I bought these tires with so I found the thread in which I bought them. Only 4 heat cycles




Bought from ((Mike C))


As you can see I paid $200 shipped and I only put 1 AutoX day on these in mid October so basically still only 4 heat cycles on the tires.


so basically $300 rims, $100 tires.. . What a steel!!

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