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GSR/Civic Brakes 10.3" rotors, calipers, Carbotech Pads


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I have all this for sale


*Used 10.3" brake calipers ($80 shipped)

*used 10.3" blank rotors (used with Carbotech Xp8 pads)

*used 10.3" brembo slotted rotors from TireRack (used with carbotech AX6 pads)

*NEW 10.3" blank rotors

*Used Carbotech XP8 race pads

*used Carbotech AX6 race pads


Contact Ryan at [email protected]

AOL AIM = berny2435

will get pictures up soon. Have them to email but not to post yet


$80 - 1 set of Carbotech XP8 race pads, New Cost $145– will sell for $80 - On car nowa. Only have 3 HPDE days on them – Tons of MEAT left!! 1,000 road miles

b. These mofos stop!!! You wanna stop fast on the Street/Autocross/Racing – This compound will work all the way around even though Carbotech does not recommend using on the street – They only say this b/c they don’t want to hear complaints from people saying they are dusty or squeak every once in a while

c. Cost = http://www.ctbrakes.com/pads/acura.html

d. Compund description = Carbotech XP8™ (1108™): A high torque brake compound with a wide operating temperature range (200°F-1350°F+). Carbotech XP8™ is the first of our racing compounds. Outstanding initial bite at race temperatures, high coefficient of friction, excellent modulation and release characteristics. Extremely high fade resistance, very rotor friendly with non-corrosive dust. Excellent as a front brake pad for lighter ITA, ITB, ITC, SRF, and other cars that weigh less than 2,200lbs. Perfect for novice, intermediate and advanced track day (HPDE) use with any tire, and can still be driven safely to and from the track. There are several vehicles that use this on street, autocross, and at track day (HPDE) events. Carbotech does NOT recommended XP8™ as a daily driven street pad due to elevated levels of dust and noise. Carbotech XP8™ is also a great rear brake pad for almost any race car (Spec Miata-T2 Camaro/Firebird).


e. Used with Plain Rotors above – But together for $100



$70 – 1 FRONT set of Carbotech AX6 race pads. New cost $125

a. Cost = http://www.ctbrakes.com/pads/acura.html

b. Typical use on the road for about 2,000miles – 1 autocross and 8 heat cycles at the race track. Can use these for daily driving without any problems.. .

c. Compound description = Carbotechâ„¢ AX6â„¢ (1106â„¢): The AX6â„¢ takes the place of the Panther Plus compound that was so successful. AX6â„¢ was specifically engineered for Autocross applications. A high torque brake compound delivering reliable and consistent performance over a very wide operating temperature range (150°F to 1250°F +). Advanced compound matrix provides an excellent initial “biteâ€

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