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SoCal Auto-X


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So, if anybody here runs autocross in Southern California, which organization(s) do you run with?


I can't really afford to hit every HPDE this year to get my racing license, but I still want to improve my driving skills, even though Auto-X and road racing aren't exactly similar. I figure it couldn't hurt and I need 'them fancy feet skills'.


I've been looking at PCA-OCR and their El Toro events. Anybody been? Worth it? Not worth it? $60 per event is right up my alley.


Thanks in advance.


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I started in Autocross with my 944 spec years ago. It was cheap and great fun. Az PCA autocrosses were the best in the state (still are) even being on 1 gear (2nd gear only for the most part) affairs.


You learn ALOT about car control in the relative safety of cone land. Great chance to learn trail braking and feel comfortable pitching the car in a corner. Plus on the 2nd gear only courses a good driver in 944 spec can easly break top 10 or top 5 times. San Diego autocrosses are different since they generally use at 10x larger course allowing(needing) more hp for top times.


So do full a season of autocross and throw in DE where you can. May not be the fastest way to race license, but it is path many have taken.

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Yeah, come down to San Diego, Chris. We have a great AX program on a huge lot that usually gets top of third gear, sometimes 4th. I'll work with you personally if you want. AX'ing will make you a much faster driver sooner. Many drivers skip these lower speed events then suffer when they start racing because they can't heel and toe well, can't left foot brake, trail brake, or even slide a car without freaking out. It's really important to get the good foundation that AX'ing provides. I've been driving since 1985 and I still AX to stay sharp. It's $40 if you register in advance online. http://www.pcasdr.org


*** "AX'ing IS road racing compressed in time." ***

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I'll second what Tim has said in his post. The San Diego Region is one of the larget, if not the largerst regions PCA has. The members of the club are friendly, knowledgeable and always there to help. Tracks are amazing. If you wanted seat time and hone your skills, that is the place. You will have a great time.

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