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Installing a Late Transaxle into an early 944


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I have a line on a late 944 transaxle that seems to be in good shape. I do not have any first hand experience and I need some good advice. I know the early and late transaxles have a different mount. However, from the photos I have seen for a late transaxle it appears that the bolt holes are there to put the early transmission mounts on it.


So, can I simply bolt on the early transmission mounts to a late transaxle and install it in my early '85?


Please help because I am received conflicting information.





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The late trannys have a third mount, but you can still use the old mounts to bolt it up to the car. The two early mounts should bolt on to the laet tranny and then bolt right up to the chassis with out a problem.


Everything should fit and the only thing you will have out of place is a connection on the tranny for the speedo (the lates were in the tranny and the early's are on the front drivers side hub.


Everything should be exactly the same.


I've PM'ed you my number just in case you need more help

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Yeah, just remember that the method of hanging the tranny stays with that chassis. You can switch the center mount for the late tranny's with the early "ears."

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