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944 cup

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944 Racers:


It's way too early to think about Nationals. But, may not be to reserve lodging. Last year finding a room became difficult. This year promises to be worse.


One of the close in places to stay was a very nice Quality Inn about 10 minutes from track. They are taking reservations for that event with a 5 nite minimum. Call: 888-445-2255.


See ya there.

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Yes, our plan is to have the 944 Cup Big Top again.. Have asked Bryan C to reserve the same location as we had last year. We would like to start building up some tradition -- make it the 944 spot.


Hope we get assigned to your run group -- believe we had a very smooth running event with u at the helm.



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Six months away, and the Quality Inn is already half full. If you are thinking of racing at Nationals, consider making lodging resrevations soon.


Most rooms can be cancelled by August at no charge.


Hope to see a ton of 944's competing.

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That's great news Chuck. Hopefully others out West will follow your lead.


Be glad to attempt to answer any questions folks may have about the Nationals based on last year's experience.


Last year, the 944 Cup paid to reserve a special 944 parking area in the paddock, on the asphalt. We are making arrangements to hold the same area again this year. If you dont pay for a reserved area on the asphalt, the other option for parking is in various fields available a bit further out on a first come first serve basis.


The 944 Spec cars are welcome to be a part of the reserved parking with the 944 Cup. I just would need to know as soon as possible to allow for expanding the space if need be.


Tim/Joe: Are u planning on being there this year? Not sure what NASAs plans might be for the 944 run group, re: 944 Cup and 944 Spec. Certainly we'll be in the same run group. Guessing they will want to lump us all together as far as gridding us for the races, vs gridding the classes separately. This probably works the best.

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Tim/Joe: Are u planning on being there this year?


Well just like last year travel distance makes the cost and time factors more than I can manage. So I will be a no-show at Nationals once again.

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Yeah, too much time/money for me at this point, too, but I'll do what I can to help other locals attend, including spreading the word.

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