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99 Corvette FRC track car FOR SALE

Dale C

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I bought this car about 6 months ago to build an autox car for my wife. I have not had time to build it and the more I look at the car it seems like a waste to change everything on the car when it already has some good parts, just not the parts I would use. So if any one is interested I will sell it, if not I will keep it and build it. The car has a blown motor in it now but I do have a fresh forged motor available if interested. I paid $15,000 for the car and hauled it home from Ingleside Texas so I have about $1000 in getting it home. I will take $16,000 firm.

Here is a descripition from the guy I bought it from. I cannot get pictures now the car is snowed into our storage garage but I may be able to get some from the previous owner if interested.


Nassau Blue 99 FRC

Weight 3210 with a 220lb driver and 3/4 tank of gas.

-Blown LS1 (broken rod) with LG Motorsports G5-X3 cam

-freshly rebuilt heads with double springs, Titanium seats and retainers

-LS-6 intake


-long Tube headers

-T-1 springs and swaybars, with Bilstein Sports

-fresh Carbotech pads

-Full NASA/SCCA legal cage made of 1.75 with Nascar door bars on both sides

-Sparco Evo2 racing seat with Hardbar mount

-brand new G-FORCE Pro camlock racing harness

-Doug Rippie Motorsports front brake coolign ducts hooked to LG Motorsports Spindle ducts.

-Doug Rippie Motorsports transmission cooler

-Doug Rippie Motorsports differential cooler

-Doug Rippie Motorsports oil cooler


-Tow hooks


Thanks, Dale



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