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fs - Gauges rpm&speedo/Af/Oil psi/h2o temp


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92-95 Civic EG gauge cluster setup and 3 Electrical gauges.


I don't want these anymores. They work. Came with the car shell when I baught it. Took out as soon as I did my K20 swap. Been in storage for a grip. I have a 3 pod A pillar that will cost you $20 more.. .


** OIL PSI and TEMP sensors not included


$25 for each gauge - Getem now!

$30 for the rpm and speed cluster stuff







I take paypal at

[email protected]

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Help me out here....I dont know anything about these. Is there a specific application for these gauges? What sending unit is needed for each ?



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Info on gauges

*Only the Speedo and Tach are "Car Make" Specific, oil, H2o and A/F will work on any car.

*Will work just like any other Electric Gauge

*The Speedo and Tach gets very bright and comes with a dimmer (that lil grey box with that lil switch)

*You don’t have to run the speedo and tach gauge ad lil grey box for the other three gauges to work.. .


What you need for complete function of these gauges

*Run a master Power, Ground and Remote wire from somewhere in the dash and splice each gauge into those.


A/F – *hookup to power, remote and ground

*Hookup to your ECU’s 0-? Volt pin-out or find the 02 sensors sending wire.


Oil PSI – *hookup to power and remote wire to lil grey box, hookup ground *Buy a electric oil temp sensor

*Either drill & tap a hole in your oil pan or find some type of adapter to fit into a oil line *or on your oil filter


Water temp - *hookup to power and remote wire to lil grey box, hookup ground

*Buy an electric water temp sensor


I personally don’t like the way these gauges look which is the only reason why I am really selling them. Otherwise, these gauges would work fine for any car.. .

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