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Thunderhill March 10-11 Event- Hotel Discount


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I spoke to the manager Corine at the Willows Days Inn who gave me a great rate for last year's event and she is giving us a discount of $54/night for a single or double occupancy room for the weekend.


Just call and use "944spec" for the discounted rate. We will get further discounts if we continue to use their facilities for our Thunderhill events. This is much cheaper than the other hotels and they are much friendlier than the Best Western where I stayed in the past.


Days Inn of Willows

475 North Humboldt Ave.

Willows, CA

(530) 934-4444


Pass it on and see you up there.




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Hey Mike,


Thanks for setting that up.

We're anxious to get our 2007 season opener started.

Looks like Bill Pennock might join us since his SFR season hasn't started yet.

I'll get to Thunderhill friday and try to reserve pit space across the control tower.



1. Ken H. #89

2. Mike L. #718

3. Jerry W. #552

4. Steve H. #106

5. Greg B. #43

6. Bill P. #6







1. Jonathan H.

2. Bob B.

3. Marlon M. (Sat.)


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Hey Ken,


I get my tech inspection on Monday and I've already submitted my applications for mu provisional license and should get it back before Friday per my email to them to follow up.


Do you know what group the 944spec is in?


Should be a fun weekend and my wife Maria is coming with my dog as my pit crew.

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Hi Mike,


We run in group A, with the miata's, PT's and HC cars.


Your first race and you already have a pit crew?


It should be a real fun weekend, the weather forecast looks good!

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Sounds good Jerry.


I just got my provisional license in the mail and also got my RA1's mounted so I think I am ready to go, finally.


Ready for some fun this weekend.


Ken, see you Friday after 1pm at your warehouse. I'll be leaving from Santa Clara at 1pm to head up for our caravan.


Jerry, if you head up Friday, we can also hook up or we'll just meet you up there. Maybe dinner.

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