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NASA Tech Process?

David M. Pintaric

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I am unfamiliar with NASA's tech process, so can someone clue me in?


I jsut had my car dynoed and the shop also issued me a NASA Log Book. However, I was expecting an "annual" inspection similar to the "other" sanctioning body. Somebody told me NASA relies on self teching using a tech sheet. Is this true?


My first race will be the April Mid Ohio event, so I want to ensure things go smoothly.


Thank you in advance.



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Every year I have had my annual inspection done at the track. I would assume that the same will happen this year. I generally do the Friday events and get the annual inspection done that day. Shane Benson is the head of tech for our region and does a great job. I am sure he will chime in here if I am off in my info.



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David, whoever issued your logbook should have done an annual tech and filled that section out... take a look inside the logbook, on the 2nd page, it should be signed off there. If not, then I am not sure why?


Regardless, we could do it here at AIM or at the track. Once the annual has been performed, then all you need to do for the rest of the season is show up at tech with your logbook and tech sheet filled out, you get signed off and that's all there is to it!

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