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Headlight buckets/Headlight Assemblies for H2-5


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HC 7.10a-5) Headlight lenses may be replaced with alternate materials of unrestricted origin. These materials must not serve as ducting. The headlight bucket must remain in place. Removal of the headlight assemblies is not permitted.


Does the headlight "lens" include the reflector which are both sold together as one piece and bolt into the "headlight bucket". What is meant by the term "assemblies"?


Bucket + lens (with reflector) = assembly???


I'm running Enduros this year. But I still need to abide be HC rules. I'm not looking for an unoptainium advantage. I just need go get some damn lights in the car that will fulfill the H2 rules and also allow me to SEE in the night races. If I read this correctly, I can install a couple of PIAA driving lights in each headlight cavity as long as I retain the bucket. Correct?


I know this is a minor detail, but the OEM headlight location really does seem like the best, safest place to mount lights. And the OEM lens/reflector units really do suck for racing. Even with ballasted HID bulbs in them... I'm just looking for the best lighting solution that will not run afoul of the HC rules Nazis


I'd like some "official" guidance here...





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I'm not a rule guru....But I "feel" (subjective) That the intent was that the head light areas are not to be used to duct into the intake, brakes, etc...


I feel comfortable modifing the stock (or aftermarket) assemblies to provide better lighting with the rules as stated.


If anything in an enduro I would see this as a safety feature rather than a performance advantage. I don't see how you could modify the fromnt lenses and gain anything. Maybe aero but that's really a stretch!


Again I'm not an expert, just offering an opinion

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Being as no one else has offered an opinion here, I will.


I'm going to say that what your proposing is legal. Your still staying with the "spirit" of the rule because the way I read the rule, it wants to prevent people from removing the headlight, but still allow them to remove the glass from it if they want to.


What your saying is that you'll add a new light to the existing bucket, but to accomplish this task, you'll need to remove the reflector.


I'm going to say that's legal and you wont have issues with it in Socal.

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