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924S and lots of goodies for sale


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Folks, I have a good 1987 924S that would make a great start on a spec car.


Here are the specifics...


1987 924S - Guards Red, Tan interior


137,000 mi - strong engine - no leaks

Very well maintained by former pro mechanic. Autocrossed in EStock in Sacramento Valley SCCA and PCA. (see links below)

Koni sport yellows all round, 25.5mm front sway, 18mm rear sway, KLA strut brace, Europroducts chip,

Spring-center clutch, <10K on new cam/balance shaft belts and idlers, all new front seals,

water pump, ignition wires, K&N regular and cone type filters, excellent AC, cd/mp3/wma player.



two wheel/tire sets

16x7 flat dish (65mm) with 205/55-16 fronts and 225/50-16 rears Brand new BFG KD Sports (1000 miles)

15x7 phone dials (52.3mm) with Kumho V710 225/50-15's (1 AX season and two track days - 50% approx)

Recent additions - EBC Greenstuff Pads, new injectors, motor mounts, sway bushings, KLA sway brace,

Swepco Gear Lube in open differential

Weltmeister short shift kit

Ride range of tools including flywheel lock, belt exccentric wrenches, oil cooler centering dowel, pin wrench, clutch centering tool,

Kriket belt tool, etc.

2-14mm spacers (hub centric), 2 - 13 mm spacers, 4-7mm spacers, long studs on fronts

Everything works. Dependable. I'd drive it anywhere anytime. In fact, for the right price, I'll deliver the car!


The bad....

The interior is just fair. Clean, but the seats need seams sewn (say that fast!) and bolster vinyl.

There is a windshield crack on the lower drivers side.


Pictures available on request.

Copies of maintenance records available on request.


Here's a link to last year's AX season. http://www.sfrscca.org/solo2/Sacramento/Results/2006/Cup/es.html

Here are results from April 2006 GGR AX (look in AX11 class) http://www.pca-ggr.org/acresults/042206.html


If you are interested, drop me a line. I can easily bring the car to the March Thunderhill weekend.


You all know what a 924S is worth on the market now. If this doesn't interest anyone, I'll make out fine by selling the car locally and ebay off the other stuff. I'd rather make a good deal to the next "Tim Commeau"

and give you a good start to 944 spec stardom. I'll sell the package for less because time is my most precious item right now.


I'm selling the car because I don't plan to join 944 spec racing and I've found my next car. I love track days and AX, but I've also learned enough to know

that wheel to wheel racing isn't going to be my thing. If you want to get past me that bad, I'll let you go by. Besides, my next car is going to be cooler in a whole new way.


Drop me an email at [email protected] or give me a call on my cell or at home. I'm in Davis, California. Near Sacramento.


Thanks for looking.


Bob Sams ([email protected])

924SBob (the other one)


Cell 530-304-1069

Home 530-753-4110

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Sorry, but I can't really sell the 15x7 right now. If I can't sell the car, I'm going to need them.


Should have put this in the first post.


My apologies.


Bob Sams

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Actually, I was thinking about asking you what it should be! I realize that the 924S has virtually no market out there. I've seen 88's go for $1800 on craigslist locally.


If I could get $3k for the whole package, I'd grab it. Honestly, I don't expect to get it.


If it were going to a spec racer, I'd take less. Is $2500 unreasonable?



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I believe the car has been sold. I have accepted and offer and the transaction should take place next week. I'll repost if necessary, but I doubt it will be.

Thanks to you all.

Bob Sams

Davis, CA

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