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FS: 1983 944 factory manual steering, new Konis ($1500)


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For Sale:


1983 Porsche 944 - $1500 OBO


Update: Just checked my oil today and it was "chocolate milk", so the headgasket or oil cooler seals have just recently gone bad (within the last week or so). No oil in the coolant, however. Thus i've substantially decreased the price. I really hope someone is able to make this into a Spec car!


The Good:


  • Currently registered in California and passed smog back in August or September.
    New Koni adjustable shocks, front & rear (less than 5k miles)
    New tie rod ends and passenger side tie rod (less than 5k miles)
    New ball joints (less than 5k miles)
    Factory manual steering
    Factory manual sunroof
    Factory rear wiper delete
    968 front springs (still have stock as well)
    968 sway bars (front & rear) (still have stock as well)
    All 4 injectors flow cleaned & resealed (less than 5k miles) + 1 extra injector included
    IceShark Ground Kit
    Rennbay Throttle Cam (still have original if you need it)
    All vacuum hoses replace with silicon hoses from Europartsetc.com
    New oxygen sensor (less than 5k miles)
    Black Porsche-script seats in excellent condition
    New plug wires, rotor, and distributor cap (less than 5k miles)
    New inner sunroof seal
    Replacement hatch (used but in excellent condition – not separating!) – I will also throw in an extra hatch that is separating if you want it for a lexan replacement.
    Very good condition black dash with only 1 major crack
    White on black gauges from a 924S (much easier to see than the yellow on black gauges that came stock).
    Lots and lots of new interior cosmetic parts I’ve installed, as well as a couple of boxes of extra used parts I took out or just never got around to installing.


The Bad:


  • Salvage title - most likely from theft-recovery since there is no sign of frame damage to the car.
    Original Odometer stopped at ~120k miles. Approximately 20k or less miles on top of that; Odometer has since been replaced by the white 924S gauge.
    Repainted – originally metallic brown, repainted to guards red by my cousin-in-law. Paint job is pretty good but not great.
    Leak in the coolant system – likely the waterpump. The waterpump, belts & rollers should all be done fairly soon, although I recently re-tensioned the belts with the 9201.
    Paint is flaking in two spots on the rear quarter panel and the front fender due to a very low-speed accident (944 was parked, a drunk driver hit a parked 928 which bumped into the 944).
    Needs an alignment, since I recently replaced one of the tie rods.


This was my first Porsche and I had alot of fun working on it, but I'm moving across the country and can't take two Porsches with me! I'm a regular poster at Rennlist (nickname: ckathens) and have several local folks who can attest to the accuracy of my statements here. PPI at your expense is encouraged!


Please contact me via email ([email protected]) or at (408) 646-0283 (cell).


I'm not really sure what the market is like for this car so I'll take $2000 or the best offer. Keep in mind that there are lots of nice interior parts (like the seats, dash, etc..) that you could sell if you're making this into a spec car.


Car is available for inspection in San Francisco, CA.


NOTE: Car MUST be sold by 03/16/07, as I will be moving that day.















































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