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Rear view mirror


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Which rear view mirrrors do you guys suggest? I'm considering the Wink 4-pane unit (29in long, pictured in the middle). My factory mirror vibrates and is pretty much useless, so clip-ons are out of the question unfortunately.




I've got no roll cage at this point, but I need better vision for HPDE's.



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Hi Chris,


I have a five panel wink and it vibrates a lot also.

I just installed a homemade support brace for the center of the mirror and will let you know how well it works after I try it out next week.

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Most of the cars I seen have the five panel, the four panel should work just as well and I was originally thinking of buying the four panel.

The local Kragen's where I bought mine only had the five panel in stock and is what I picked up.

I also had to make a 2" extention on both sides to get the mirror away me and closer to the front windshield because of my seating position. This shouldn't be a problem if you're a taller driver and sit back a little further.

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ive got the 5 mirror i picked up outa my buddies 56 ford stepside truck. *it dosent run and i didnt steal it * and i also have to fabricate a mount to get it much closer to the windshield and its just not right for how close i have to sit. being a short-ish guy of 5-9.

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I've got the 17" panaramic mirror (slots over existing mirror or you can get a cage mount kit) - it's from i/o port racing. I love it b/c I don't need to use my side mirrors anymore as I can see so much better. Link



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Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going with the clip-on above. I just drove the car again a minute ago and it doesn't vibrate that much. If the wink units vibrate too and require fabrication on the mounts, than screw 'em, I didn't like them much anyway!

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I posted this a few weeks back on a few upgrades. One is my 5 panel wink. I needed it after HANS & right side net install.



One nice thing about Early Dashes is that you can move the tach to the center hole.




Gives great visibility.


Here is shot of the stock oil pressure gauge and my added in oil temp gauge mounted in the mono speaker cover area.




In the above pic you can also see my right side net and 5 panel wink mirror. The mirror became a "must" have after installing the side net and HANS since I could no longer see out the passenger's side mirror.



Here is a close-up of the install for the wink. I bolted to roof, but needed braket extensions to get it in the right position (far left in pic). Then it vibratated alot so I added in two sheet metal support brakets (middle) for a total of 4 mouting points. Now no more shaking.

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