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Az March Race Report


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Time for quick version of the race report. Weather was great with temps in the mid-60's. We had 8 race cars take the green on Satruday and sunday. All finshed as well.


Race Results from Saturday


Glenn Gormley- In his new car #924 (formerly Chas Wirken's car convert back to 944-spec legal trim)

Norm Hamden

Jon Ariano

Joe Paluch

Rick Morris

Vince Vaccaro

Kent Buckley

Hal Dunn - In his first ever race


Sunday Race Results










Biggest lap time improvement award goes to Hal Dunn who took of 6 seconds a lap from Saturday to Sunday.


The field is getting fast and strong.

Sunday's qualfying and example. Do you know what a 1:13.9 gets for qualifying? 5TH on the grid. Now a days in order to just be in the top 5 you need to run mid 1:14's for the duration of the race and to be at the front you need low 1:13's for 30 mintues.


Also of note the following were in DE getting more seat time

Steve Marlow #74

JD Hoyt #17

Larry Leaming - Red

Kim Unger #118

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping to make my first race weekend a safe and enjoyable one. Special thanks to Joe and Norm who willingly gave up valuable time to help get my new suspension sorted. The car now feels much better and I am slowly regaining my confidence with it. It is truly a pleasure and an honor to be able to say I am now part of the 944SPEC group, and I look forward to many memorable races together

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Winning a race isn't one big thing, it's a 100 little things! (quote from Mikael Weitze) The same goes for a great weekend, getting everybody upto speed with there cars and driving abilities is part of the fun. NASA/CRA does so much for us that we don't even see that makes this all happen. It seems like Joe and I have set up a few cars at the track now. All we need is an engine builder at the track and all you gotta do is show up with enough parts to build a car and we will geterdone!


This was a special weekend for me to see my best freind Glenn get back into a great race car. Since I got my 944-spec, he hasn't had a competetive car and man, does he now? Glenn is one of the fastest drivers in spec and I have been looking forward to racing him. Until he beet me twice this weekend. Just kidding!!! Win or loose, it's all about leaving at the end of the weekend knowing that I gave it my best and the best man won!!! Congrats buddy, it's been a long time a commin!!!


To all the new 944-spec DE'ers, looking forward to the comp school March 25th to get you on track with us. You guys are what makes this so much fun, you have the right attitude about racing and you like to laugh a lot and just have good fun. It's a pleasure to work/play with you all! Thanks for the opportunity.


One more mention to Ralph Evans, Director of Racing, thank you for the special attention you gave 944-spec at our awards ceramony, that means a lot to us.


Hope to see you in a couple of weeks at CS!

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