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Performance Touring/ST Now Mapped to Enduro Classing 3-5-07

Greg G.

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The 2007 NASA Endurance Racing Regulations have been revised to include PT (Performance Touring) and ST (Super Touring) class mapping. The revised rules can be downloaded here http://www.nasaproracing.com/rules/enduro.pdf


This is a summary of the new classing:











In addition there has been a revision to the WC Touring car classing which has been changed to ES.


While this is the official classing for the 2007 season, this mapping is "Subject to adjustment" as written in the rules. The classing is purposefully conservative, as there is an expectation that there could be significant development in the PT cars as more cars are built specifically for the PT rules.


PT cars that are also legal to run in another class listed in the Section 4.2 Class Mapping table may still run in the enduro class mapped to their "other" class, even if it is a lower enduro class than the one mapped to the PT class. For example, even though PTA cars are mapped to ES, if a PTA car is legal under the USTCC rules, it may still run in E0.


If there are any questions about the mapping of PT cars, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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Well, that sucks, no SU. They're the most spectacular.


SU has been in the enduro regs since there have been enduro regs.


SU class predates PT/ST.


SU cars class as ES.

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