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1994 CMC project Mustang GT for sale CHEAP!


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Well guys, change of plans. I bought this car and started getting all of the parts together for it, but I am heading off onto another project. The car is a very clean white 94 GT without a trans or engine. It has a 1.75 roll bar in it. I was going to take the door bars off of it and use it as a starting point. It also has a fiberglass, aftermarket hood that lookes like it has about a 2" higher middle section. I know it is not legal, but I was just going to sell it. I bought a running 302 with a 5 speed that had a carb on it. I bought the spec carb from Summit and the Spec intace Manifold for it. The manifold is sitting on the engine, but not installed. The carb and clutch are in their boxes still. I have an extra deck lid and rear bumber cover as well as some misc. parts.


I have about $3000 into the project right now. I would like to get $2500 out of it. I am in Corpus Christi, TX.


If anyone is interested, shoot me at email at [email protected] or give me a call at 361-548-8373


I might be willing to trade it for a nice open trailer, or cheap enclosed as well.


I would also be willing to trade for a used lift.


Thanks everyone for the help. Have fun and be safe.



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