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Hello, new to forum, would like to know what region to join.


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Hello all,


I am an avid racing enthusiast, but I am more interested in participating in HPDE's. I live in Northern Alabama, close to Barber, one of the best tracks in the country!!


My question is this, how can I be involved in NASA, and where are the closest venues to do this?



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You're probably closer to Southeast Region, but depending on how far you want to travel/tow you might be able to make some Texas region stuff too

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Hello and welcome.


I have not had the opportunity to run Barber, but it is high on my list of tracks to drive/ ride. The beauty of being a NASA member is being able to participate in so many different events all across the country.



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... once you're a member of NASA, you can run where ever we're having an event.


Enjoy and welcome.


good point


SE will have their season closer at Barber FYI

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