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Great news for 944-Spec in Rocky mountain region !

Chuck T.

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We have a Title Sponsor !


DART AUTO (dartauto.com) has agreed to be our title sponsor.


"Porsche Parts, by DART auto, offering new Porsche parts, used parts and race parts for the

Porsche 911, 993, 996 and 944. We use the parts we sell."


In exchange for having their banner on our windshields they will give us $100 (for used parts or service) ! Per Race ! $200 per weekend ! I think the award will go to the 5th place car ??? They need the parts


I'm hoping to announce our Number plate sponsor soon ! We are in the final stages of a $1300 season championship award !


I also have a good feeling about 2 more major sponsors !


Thanks Guys for making this fun ! And if you get a chance please check out Dart auto and tell Dave 944 Challenge sent you !

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thanks chuck for all the hard work you put in for us. We really appreciate what youve done to make this class grow. this is going to be one hell of a season!



I just noticed that dart auto has 2 944 parts cars that are white, im going to call them up and grab a hood.

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