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Hauling a 944


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What is the best way to secure a 944 to a trailer? Should I use tire bonnets, or ratchet straps with axle straps? If I use the ratchet straps where is the best place to strap them to the car?

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I just hook a single ratchet strap through the wheels and secure each to a corner tiedown on the trailer. Pretty simple and effective so far. No load on the suspension.

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In the front I use the factory tie-down points that are attached under the frame rails. These should be obvious on all early tubs. They are different on the late chassis and are bolt ons. Thus many have been removed.




You can see it here in red as I also use it to tie the brake duct tube to.



In the rear I drilled holes in rear qtr cubbies and put in eye bolts. They are really close the rear most round jack point. The tub is double thick here and they provide a nice strong stable point to hold down the back of the car. Plus they are easy to reach.

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