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Roll Cage & Logbook Question


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I have heard that any car that doesn't have a logbook before Jan. 1, '07 will need the 2 bars on each side. My car has a SCCA logbook, would that suffice and not have to have the 2 bar addition? Its an ex-SSC Neon and I want to run Spec Neon. It also has a bolt in cage.

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I tried to get a Log Book for an SCCA car that had rear bars non-compliant with the NASA CCR. I was told to ADD the necessary bars to comply and a log book would be granted. simple enough.


My .02$ :

I would talk to the chief inspector and/ or the regional director of the Mid-Atlantic region. I believe that certain things are up to their discretion and worst case they may give you a 2 event grace period to comply.



Best of luck.


From NASA CCR See page 74 of 138 for quote below

15.6.12 Door Bars / Side Impact Protection

At least one (1) door bar on driver side and one (1) on the passenger side must be used.

At least two (2) door bars on the driver side and one (1) door bar on the passenger side

must be installed in all vehicles that obtain a new logbook after January 1st, 2007.

All vehicles, regardless of date of manufacture or date of logbook issuance will be

required to have at least two (2) door bars on the driver side and one (1) door bar on the

passenger side starting January 1st, 2011.

Unless superseded by class rules, modifications to any non-chassis structure (such as

door panels, inner door sheet metal, windows, door internals, etc.) may be made to

accommodate any allowed door bar configuration. However, removal of material and /

or modifications is limited to 1) the least amount to accommodate the door bar(s), and 2)

can serve no other function. Holes in the door jam (B-pillar) may be permitted to

accommodate door bars; however the structure should not be “notchedâ€

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NASCAR-style door bars are allowed and have been for years.


As Renntag mentioned, your best bet would be to contact your regional Chief of Tech and get it squared away with them.


Since NASA readily accepts SCCA licenses and cars with logbooks, I would think that you would be OK... just bring your SCCA logbook with you to the track in case there's any question with local tech.


If not, then you would only need to add a driver side door bar; the passenger side will not be mandated until 2011.

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Cool, thanks everyone for some clarity in that. I will get in touch with my local region and see what the chief of tech will say.

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