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New to HPDE have some questions


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Ok so I want to time attack, I have been looking around on the NASA web pages for the past couple days and I still have a few questions. I’m going to try my first HPDE in about 2 weeks.


I see that most track events are 3 days. I’ll never be able to race on a Friday, so can I just register for Saturday and Sunday? Do they run HPDE on Sundays when the TT is going on? I have to get a passport before race day?


Tech. Do you have to get inspected before the race day? (At a certified shop?) As well as race day at the track?

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Welcome to NASA.


All of the answers you seek are available in the FAQ section at NASAproRacing.com.


Be sure to download the CCR and read it ALL, even twice. Read everything regarding the groups you wish to run with. This will let you know in no uncertain terms what is required of YOU and the people you share the track with. I cant stress enough how important it is to read the club rules and KNOW them.


I am not aware of a 3 day format, but I do know that sometimes there are open practice days on friday, with a normal schedule sat/sun. ...unless you are in the NE then you have 1 and 2 day events mid-week.


As for qualifications for what you are trying to do, speak with your regional coordinator for Time Attack.


A TT license needs to be acquired in order to participate in that group. I am not sure what level HPDE you are in or what region you are apart of.


As for the tech inspection, it is always a good idea to get a neutral party to do your tech inspection as they may catch some things that you or your mechanic may have missed. The LAST thing you want is to have a mechanical failure at the track and lose precious track time.


Each region has a list of tech stations that you can call to make an appointment with.


best of luck and again, welcome.

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I don’t plan to TT this weekend I was just stating the end goal. I’ll be in HPDE 1 for the

first time I have done anything like this.


So I do have get a tech inspection at a shop before race day? Will I also have a tech

inspection at race day?


So can you run HPDE on just Saturday if you chose to?

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First I need more info to better help.


What region are you planning to drive with.

What track are you doing your first event.

What car are you driving. year, make, model.

Is it stock?


Update your profile to include your location and maybe your car and name in your signature.

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Here in NASA-SE you can sign up for one day if you want. You can tech your own car if you feel that you are qualified to do so. They will tech your car at the track before the event also.


Here is the SE a typical event will have groups 1-4 HPDE , Thunder class, Lightning class, and TT. HPDE get about 4 track session between 20 to 25 minutes each. That 4 sessions each day.

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will have all the TT info you need...


You will need to be in HPDE for a while before you will be qualified for a TT license. That said, if your goal is TT, then email the regional TT director and let that person know of your intentions.

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Welcome, PlayerZ!


I can't speak for other regions but here in Mid-Atlantic the Fridays are traditionally for instructor clinics, racecar test & tune, competition licensing, and HPDE3-Advanced-or-better (passing in corners) open practice. The Fridays can be done separately but our Saturday-Sunday events are together (i.e. we don't usually do just Saturday signups.) Other regions may do things differently so please check with your nearest Director if you're not from this area specifically.


Also, NASA TT (open passing with groups of cars on track and transponders, fastest lap of the day counts) is not the same as a traditional Time Attack (cars solo on the track at start intervals so long in between that you will probably never see anyone else.) You would need to have significant HPDE3 Advanced experience to qualify for a TT license in Mid-A or Southeast regions. Other regions may number their groups differently but the equivalency is the same (i.e. significant passing-in-corners experience is required.)


Best thing I can say is start doing as many HPDE's as you can. C'mon out and have fun!


Hope it helps,



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