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First Race!!


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I ran my first race Saturday with NASA at Firebird Main and more fun than an old man should be allowed to have! I wasn't planning on racing because I hadn't been on the track, but Norm and Glenn talked me into it to pump up the Spec 944 car count for Toyo bucks so I decided to give it a go. They told me I all I had to do was just start the race but once I got going I was quickly all alone on the track and so I just kept going and got all the way to the finish. It turned out to be a great way do a first race, with a low car count and a bunch of guys that knew what they were doing. I got totally smoked at the the start but otherwise made it through with no significant screw-ups or endangering other drivers. Thanks again to all of the Arizona Spec guys for the encouragement and right from the start of DE1. I can't imagine having a better group of guys to learn to race with and I look forward to seeing you all in May at PIR. I just need Hal and some of the other new guys to get out there so I can have someone to play with!

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Glad you had fun.


BTW... you earned toyo bucks.... 4th place right?


I will process the forms I just need you mailing address & phone number.

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Thanks Joe. I don't know how the Toyo program works but I guess I did finish fourth because Vince's car broke. I'll send you an email with my info.

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Toyo Bucks Program


For 5+ Starters


Finishing order

1) $150

2) $100

3) $75

4) $50

5) $25


Must run 4 Toyo Decals (available from Bryan) and race on the Toyo's of course. No requirement for mimum number laps completed as long as you start the race


Payment in they form of Toyo Rebate dollars for more Toyo Race tires (tire costs only, still must pay mount balance & shaving). Redeemable at any Toyo motorsports dealer (like Bryan). Once you get the rebates they must be used within 90 days and they can be combined so I'd advise saving all the bucks till you need your next set of tires.


There is also a season championship award also

The region needs at least 8 races with 5+ starters (should be no problme this year for Az) and the the season points payout is as follows


1) $1000

2) $500

3 $250


The Toyo program was good to me in 2006 and I got 3 virtually free sets of tires this January to prove it.

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Way to go Steve Wish I could have been there. Still plugging away at the car. Hope to be back in May. TOYO BUCKS! Wow, I'm jealous!

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Steve, congratulations on finishing your first of many races, I was glad to see that you had no problems with nearly and hour and a half of track time in a one day event. I love your persistance, that is how your going to get to the front of the pack, fast!


Kim Unger, just bought Steve Schwart's car, and has attempted 3 DE's, but has had heating issues all 3 times, after new radiator, hoses etc... it is definately the head gasket. I know you are anxious to complete a day of track time. Your car looks great and from what I heard handles real good too. So hang in there I will bet this is the last of your problems until the normal wear and tear starts to lerk.


Congrats to Glenn for first place, Jon Ariano 2nd, me third in Glenn's old yellow car, Steve in 4th and Vince finished 5th. Vince and I had a great race going all the way upto 2 or 3 laps from the end were Vince's alternator pully came off.


Glenn's "old yeller" car wins the most miles in a day award, I drove it, Cliff Orbach, Gary Smith and Glenn took a couple of people for rides in it, the tires were pretty well shot, so it was great for drifting. The car's motor and suspension which are all new did great! It will make somebody a great race car for $7000.


Looking forward to May 5,6 at PIR, the last of day raceing before the summer, then of course we will have the 6:am events that end by 10:am or so and the night events that start 6:pm ish. These events last year brought out over a thousand maybe two thousand spectators and is a real party!!! Looking forward to it, I need to hook up some head lights on my spec car.


JD and Hal, I hope you two will be able to make it out for the next one! Steve is getting a pretty good jump on you guys.

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Just the belt, he did several laps after the pulley came off and the car was still running. Thank God!!!



Although I may alternator/AC belt fail on my 944 Turbo Street car. I was running the A/C and then no more A/C. Sucked, but I was still able to run it off battery and get it home.

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Welcome to the Show!

Glad you're having a great experience in our 944 spec class. Please pass it on to the next newer guy.

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