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Question about trunk modifications

AI Saleen

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I have a 1988 Mustang hatchback. The previous owner had the battery located on the drivers side of the trunk area. He had a battery problem that spilled battery acid on the trunk floor. Since this problem the floor has rusted and become very flimsy and swiss cheese like. When I installed a fuel cell the metal was so thin that the drivers side of the cell sat about 2.5 inches lower than the passenger side. Can I cut the trunk and make a new cell mount if I make sure that the cell is in it's correct location?



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When I asked if I could I cut the trunk, I ment cut out the spare tire area and cover flat. Any help would be great.



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Read section 7.3 of the AI rules, noting paragraph d). Also read section 15.4 of the CCR, paying particular attention to 15.4.1. You will see that yes, you can cut out a section of the trunk floor (including the spare tire well, if necessary) in order to properly install a fuel cell. Since I'm not a NASA technical official, if it's not perfectly clear to you that this is so from reading the rules, then contact your regional Chief of Tech/Chief Scrutineer and/or AI Director for an official ruling on your planned mods. Never cut on your car unless you are certain that it is legal. Arguing after the fact that something "should be" or "makes sense" to be legal, or that "I was told" is an invitation for future grief. Also read 23.1.3 of the CCR.


Oh, and make sure the battery acid hasn't done more serious damage than just a spot on the trunk floor. If it seeped into joints between spot-welded panels, it could still be eating away at the structure of your car.


Good luck,

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