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Great vid for you all!!

Jeremy C.

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Hey there, here is a great vid for all of ya. Might learn a thing or 2 about car control as well!

Some really good stuff in this.

Hope you enjoy..


It's a 4 part video because youtube only allows 10 min max and the total video was about 34 minutes.


Hope you all enjoy it as it took a very long time to encode, upload, and edit all this together. Sorry if you don't like the music choices...


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


These are also on google video if you prefer to watch them there!


Thanks to all who made last season such a blast!


A VERY BIG thanks to all my sponsors who made last season possible!!

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Wow, car is fast and looks like you're having fun. Maybe you are ready for Nascar....

As the SoCal HC Director does your fellow racers respect you as you bang from one car to the next, or are they just smaller than you? Good stuff yep, aggressive, well maybe I'll get the video camera ready in the pits for after a Honda race... he he he

I like the last video, good recoveries.

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... just a lil editorial advice, it should be either the music or the car noise. Not both. Preference to the latter. Drivers prefer to here the RPM's, tires skreeching, doors bangin, dirt flying, you get the idea.


Great action, though.

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