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A Few H1 Questions


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So I'm in the process of getting my car prepped for next years HC season. The car itself is a 96 Coupe w/ a K20 swap. Here is my questions.


Under these rules:


9.3 H1 Hybrid Vehicles Only

In addition to any unmodified part from any Honda or Acura model, market, or generation, the following

components are unrestricted:

• Brake Systems

• Engine cylinder head porting (“from the block upâ€

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Compression ratio is unrestricted. Provided you run Honda OEM pistons. You can not run aftermarket pistons in H1.


What about valve prep rule that you odn't understand? Ask your engine builder if you don't understand about them.

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Well the guy that will be doing my headwork is more into Drag racing then road racing. I guess I'll just bring him the rules. I'll be building the engine myself.


I have no sponsors and am not really on the look out for em.


Ok cool. Well I saw the .040 over rule and then read further on and I think I'll just use the ITR pistons. Thanks!

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