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Steering effort and alignment settings

Cory M

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I have a 1985.5 spec car that originally had power steering. I removed the PS reservoir and pump and converted the rack to manual by filling it with fluid and connecting the hoses in a loop. I know the ratio is different than the manual rack. Anyway, the car requires a lot of steering effort (WAY more than a 911) and I'm wondering if this is normal. It doesn't bother me in high speed turns but I really have to fight the wheel in slow turns because it just wants to spring back into the straight position. I feel like I can't drive the car as well as I'd like to because of the deathgrip I have to keep on the wheel in tight turns. I thought I may have too much caster but I measured it and it is right around 4.5 degrees which doesn't seem too high to me, I can reduce the caster if it will help.


Is this normal?

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Yes, Less caster will help like Jim said. Figure more like 2-3 degrees.

However it will be real effort at low speeds (like pit lane/paddock stuff and some autocross). On the track assuming at least upper 2nd gear speeds I have found it to be very nice and very little effort.


However you have two more options.


1) manual rack. The different ratio gives it a slightly lighter feel. Simply on 83-86 cars, but more complex on 87 & 88 944's due the longer tie rods (manual long tie rods are expensive)


2) go back to power.


The reason some of us ditch the power is to GAIN FEEL. It is purely personal preference and if you don't like the feel of a unpowered rack (or pure manaul rack) then go with power. Part of the reason we allow some differences in the cars like (power vs manual steering) and a range of spring rates is let the drivers use what works best for them, not stick with what worked best for 1-2 guys that started the series and fight through it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am running 0.1" toe out in the front. I will try reducing the caster and see if that helps.


I generally like the feel of a manual rack over a power rack, switching to the factory manual rack is too expensive - I'd rather spend that money on a LSD.

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