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Need Some Body Panel Questions Answered


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Ok so I'm building my car to run in H1 in 2008. From the rules I've understood that replacing my rear 1/4 windows and back window with lexan is ok. It is also ok to replace stock hood with a carbon one.


Now here comes the question. What about a carbon trunk, fenders, or doors? The fenders I'm not so much worried about because the stock ones weigh in at like 5 lbs. But the doors would be nice to have along with the trunk.

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Your answers are in the rules as far as the other stuff goes if it does not say you can, then you cannot.


In other words

yes trunk

yes fenders

no doors


9.4 Chassis and Body Preparation- H1 Only

a) Batteries are unrestricted in size, type and weight and may be relocated. Batteries located inside

passenger compartment must be mounted in accordance with the CCR.

b) Headlights and any associated attaching hardware may be replaced, substituted with any material, or

removed. Location may be used to pickup air for brake cooling, engine cooling, or air intake only.

c) Hood, trunk, rear hatchback, bumper supports, and the front bumper cover may have material removed or

replaced with a substitute of unrestricted material. (Composite materials are allowed for those items.)

d) Front fenders may be replaced with a substitute of unrestricted material but must retain the style (no air

relief's) and dimensions of the OEM fender (flares are not permitted).

e) The S2000 may utilize any composite “hardtopâ€

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