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Parting 944 Turbo


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After putting that LSD up for sale, I was suprised with the immediate response and amount of interest.. I also have an 86 944 turbo that I am about to start parting. I dont know if any of the stuff off of that would be good for the Spec racing you guys do.. because I know the rules are pretty strict.. However, if I am wrong about this.. and any of this stuff could be useful to you guys.. just let me know. I am located in central jersey.


Maybe even someone who wants to start building a car would be interested in the gutted tub when I am done.


thanks for any interest,


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I have everything right now.. the car is 100% complete.


I am going to do compression/leakdown tests later today.. ill post the numbers when I get them.


The only thing that should be sold is the transmission.. Im waiting for the funds to come in the mail.



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