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Seat belts


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I was wonderin if they will let me use my car at the HPED classes if I have a 4-point harness but they are missing the certification tags?

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Well the way the rules are written, No. I would guess not.

It says, stock, or if harness and expired date, must be 5 point and visually in perfect condition.



(this is not directed at Dark Integra, but merely a polite request to everyone)....

FWIW, its really important that everyone read the CCRs. they are in place so we may all participate safely without any confusion. Everyone, if you havnt read the CCR atleast once or twice each season, please do so.




11.4.8 Seatbelts and Harnesses

The seatbelts should be in good condition. No damage may be present on the seatbelts

and they must be the factory configuration. Any harness or any restraint system, other

than factory stock, shall conform to CCR section #15.5, in all respects* except for the

expiration regulations. Harnesses that are expired for racing may be used providing that

they are in at least very good condition. The use of a lap belt without any shoulder

restraint is not permitted. Passenger seatbelts must meet the same minimum

requirements per the CCR as the driver seatbelts if being used by a passenger. Notepassenger

equipment need not match the installed equipment on the driver’s side.

*Aftermarket DOT-certified belt sets, installed to the manufacturer’s specifications may

be allowed. Proof of DOT certification and proper installation is the driver’s



15.5 Driver restraint system

(See diagram at end of section)

1. All vehicles must have a five (5), six (6), or seven (7) point seat belt system. Arm

restraints are required in open cars and cars with: Open T-tops, Open Targa

tops, missing moon/sun roofs, or glass moon/sun roofs.

2. A five (5) point system consists of a three (3) inch lap belt, two (2) or three (3)

inch shoulder belts, and a two (2) inch anti-submarine strap.


3. A six (6) point system is recommended for cars where the driver is seated in an

upright (to thirty (30) degrees) or a semi-reclining position. It consists of two (2)

anti-submarine belts in addition to lap and shoulder belts. Note: Current FIA

Approved belt sets with two (2) inch lap belts are acceptable with the six (6) point


4. A seven (7) point system is recommended for seats with more than thirty (30)

degrees of incline. Note: Current FIA Approved belt sets with two (2) inch lap

belts are acceptable with the seven (7) point system.

5. The material of all straps should be Nylon or polyester, and in new or perfect

condition. The buckles should be metal quick release. There should be a

common release for all belts. [Note: Certain Momo brand belts were recalled by

the manufacturer. These are NOT suitable for racing.]

6. The shoulder harness shall be mounted behind the driver and above a line drawn

downward from the shoulder point at an angle of no more than twenty (20)

degrees with the horizontal.

7. The seat, seat holes, and attachments to the seat are not permissible “harness


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