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Calling Exracer r.e. Buttonwillow 04/16 & MaxQData Data


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I analyzed the data I recorded w/ MaxQData during my little agricultural fieldwork incident at Buttonwillow last Saturday morning. It provides conclusive proof of what I (we) reckoned during the download. I was carrying a full 10 mph more speed (and early-apexed the corner as well - as much of a factor as the speed I think) through Grapevine, virtually guaranteeing the "understeer" (yeah, right) that caused me to run wide.


This tool is very, very cool. I now know definitively what I thought when I purchased it; off-track analysis can clearly help me up the learning curve, bigtime. I can now directly relate the real time experience to what the numbers show. Awesome.


I'll be happy to show it to you at Willow in 3 weeks time if you're interested.

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Chris, I jsut saw this thread and would love to see the data. Send a PM to me with your email addie and we can correspond off-forum.


Yeah I'll be at Willow with the latest generation of the gear, and is it getting MORE SPECIAL!



MD out

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