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1988 Chevy NHRA Pulling Rig - 454 - 15000/obo


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Hi - my buddy has decided to sell his tow vehicle - here are the details....

This is a custom build (Aerolite) pulling rig. The cab is open to sleeper section, and inside sleeper is a nice dine-net that folds into bed, with tv, vcr, fridge, big cabinet for jackets, few smaller cabinets and interior lighting. Powertrain: new 454 chevy with 74 (big oval heads), aluminum intake, headman headers, custom cam, efi. Turbo hydromatic 400 transmission. Gear Vender aux over/underdrive. (No stronger more durable powertain out there!) This baby is my pride and joy, used her to tow my 25' fifth wheel tailer, awsome for hauling around the kids and wife (can't hear um fighting), sold 5-wheel and purchased a cabin (need money for cabin). Never been driven in the winter. Everything from the cab back (body and box) are aluminum.

e-mail me if you have any questions or call Brian at (612)845-9142.

Also on MN Craigslist - look here for pictures: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/car/306877827.html

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