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'44Cup - Round 2 @ Daytona


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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. The 44Cup is going to Daytona Beach, FL for the Rennsport Renunion II next weekend.


For Sunday's race, Ian at http://www.944online.com is sponsoring some additional gift certificates for the top three cars.


Thanks Ian See you guys at the track !



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Well...it took three days to get used to it...but dang, I kinda like the banking.


Observation #1

31 degrees is VERY steep. If you're stuck behind a line of 90 cars coming in after a session, and you are running under 40 mph on the banking, the car will flip over on its side. Well...maybe not but it sure feels like it.


Observation #2

The track is not very wide. You can run three wide, but your door handles will overlap.


Observation #3

It's bumpy, well... more like dippy. Once you get over 100 mph, leave a few feet around you to play with...the car likes to move around a little.


Observation #4

Turn the steering wheel to the RIGHT when you enter the dog-leg at Start Finish...the car wants to go down hill to the apron.



Official Results -



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